About us


About Us

About Some of our group's companies were incorporated as far back as 1991 with the main objective to provide international consulting services.

Our group offers our clients state-of-the-art consulting services in the areas of food, non-food, telecommunication, power plants, real estate business and management consulting. We grant maximum confidentiality in all business relations. We work with almost all countries in the world.

Our commitment to consistently provide high quality services at competitive prices is made possible through our numerous business contacts with professionals all over the world. We can offer our partners and clients the following advantages:

  • Optimum price to performance ratio
  • Possibility to perform consulting services across a wide range of products
  • Consulting for trading with companies within the EU and in all other important trading regions in the world
  • Longstanding expertise in trade management consulting
  • Development of new lines of business activities
  • Readiness for bona fide cooperation, partnership
  • Flawlessly arranged high-quality work that is based on the true professionalism of our employees

Our goal is to ensure the success of our clients. We offer them not only supply of products but primarily our expertise.

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